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Single Color Handheld
 LED Light Therapy Units


Handheld Red Light Therapy Unit  18 Watt LED RED 660nm
18 Watt red light therapy unit 6 - 3 watt LEDs

Good for speeding up healing of injuries.
 Boosts cellular energy by stimulating ATP.

Good for skin, penetrates up to 3/4 inches.

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Diagram comparing standard LEDs to high power LEDs 660nm

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18 Watt LED 660nm Red $99.95

free domestic shipping

New design with more powerHigh Power LED
Red Light Therapy
Handheld Unit with fan

This LED technology has already flown on Space Shuttle missions, and shows promise for wound healing applications of benefit to Space Station astronauts, and in Special Operations.

Comes with a 15 volt international power supply.
International orders will receive a plug adapter for their specific country.

What you get, One LED unit, with universal power supply. Comes with instructions and online support.

Unit measurements
5 inches Long plus 1/2 inch for switches
2 3/4 Wide     7/8 Inch thick

The LEDs are covered with an abrasion resistant plexiglass cover on front of case and case can be held right against the skin. Easy to clean.
High Power
Red 660nm LED

Red Light Therapy Unit
12 - 3 watt 660 Red LEDs
Equivalent to 456 Standard LEDs
660nm output = 380mw each, 4560mw total
High power 36 Watt 660 red light therapy unit
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179.95 plus free shipping.

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Handheld Infrared Therapy Unit 
120 LED RED 850nm LEDs
 72 mw per cm2
(higher power by request)
120 LED  Infrared 850 LED light 850nm Handheld light therapy
Good for sore muscles and pain relief from exercise.

 Boost circulation and has deep penetration.

Pilot light indicates unit is operating
 Infrared can not be seen by the naked eye
except in a very dark room.

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120 LED 850nm Infrared 

Standard Model  $179.95
free domestic shipping

Add Fan Option if desired and Click Add to Cart

New design more power less cost.Handheld Blue 18 Watt LED Light Therapy Unit with 470nm Wavelegth
18 Watt Blue light therapy unit, handheld high power

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18 Watt LED 470nm Blue

Standard Model  $109.95
free domestic shipping

Custom Work Available

If you have any problems or questions with 
the ordering email me at

I make all the LED units I sell myself and sometimes I have to wait for parts so your order may be delayed on occasion. Or I might have lots of orders and 
it takes me a few days to complete them. If your are worried about your order email me. I am usually on online all day long and will answer quickly. If you don't hear from me within 24 hours then I probably didn't get your email and so you will need to send it  again, or my reply ended up in your spam folder. Sometimes I can't get through to customers due to spam filters. 

All information is transferred encrypted and your
cc numbers are not stored or received by me.







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